“I have had a beautiful experience having a hydrafacial at GE. Go see her” Nisha

Nisha – Burnaby

“My skin feels and looks so amazing today! I’m glowing!! So happy I have you in my life! I hope you have an amazing rest of the weekend!”

Anita – Surrey

“Amrita keeps me looking like I am still in my 20’s! with her wonderful Hydrafacials & Facial Massages”

Kim – Burnaby

“Thank you for an amazing hydrafacial. My skin is glowing!” 

Julia – Langley

“Thanks to Grotto Esthétique and their Hydrafacials, I feel confident without makeup! Go check them out!” 

Jordan – Vancouver

“Thanks so much. I’m stoked at how natural they look. It’s perfect.”

Presley – Port Coquitlam

“Grotto De La Demoiselle has helped transform my skin the past 6 months. I don’t wear makeup, and I’m even more confident these days. Check her out!” 

Chelsea Lea Photography – Coquitlam

“I had my first facial today…and it was a hydrafacial. I liked it! It was relaxing. The most intense suction part felt like a cat’s tongue! 🙂 Amrita also did this great meditation at the end of the session. It was really nice. It definitely felt like treating myself to a spa experience. My face definitely looks much more hydrated than before. Here’s a pic of my face “glowing” after the experience. No make-up, no filter, not even the automatic “Beauty Face” my camera tries to put on all selfies. 🙂 I’d definitely recommend trying it! If you’ve ever been  curious about hydrafacials or facials in general, it is a very pleasant experience. I’ve seen some before/after images of what 4-6 sessions can do for you & I’m impressed! Clearer skin, reduced pigmentation, reduction of fine lines… Amrita explained there’s different formulas that can be added to the process to tune the treatment for what you want to accomplish. Hydrafacials do seem like a really nice, gentle, non-invasive facial with results!If you want to try one with Amrita at Grotto De La Demoiselle, contact her at 604-362-1004 Just tell her Lalena sent you. 🙂 If you do it, let me know what think!” 

Lalena – HourGlassHeaven – Vancouver

“Going on 68 feels so good when you have Amrita at Grotto Esthetique. I always feel so good when she gets me ready for events. She knows exactly how I like my makeup. I also love my monthly HydraFacial’s, facial massages and meditations. I highly recommend Grotto Esthetique.”

Pam – Coquitlam