how to contour and highlight

What’s the difference between contouring and highlighting?


We contour to enhance or change the shape of your face with makeup but remember to keep it natural looking and not so drastic. So, embrace your natural shape and give it a subtle pop of depth and dimension!

Contouring creates the illusion of a shadow and creates depth to make the angles of your face pop more.

Highlighting brings light to the high points of your face creating dimension and a beautiful glow to your skin.

In the image provided you will see the common areas to contour and highlight using Glo Skin Beauty makeup! (our favorite mineral makeup brand)Contour colour used: under eye concealer in Honey. *note* You can also use HD Mineral Foundation Sticks.
Highlight colour used: Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer in Sunburst.  Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer in Brighten.